Where it all began

about_01When two Southern guys moved to LA, they found themselves missing real, authentic BBQ. So they opened up a bottle of bourbon, swapped family recipes and came up with a plan to bring their favorite southern-inspired BBQ to the people of Los Angeles. They decided a cross country road trip was in-order to find the best recipes from each of the BBQ hubs of the U.S. Once their journey was complete, they scoured California to find locally grown produce, top quality ingredients and the best meats around. With the flavor of each BBQ hotspot on the menu, they had everything from the meats to the fixins. In 2004, the first Baby Blues BBQ opened with an amazing crew and that home-style vibe giving customers quality comfort food, on par with those “fancy” LA restaurants, but with the warm, comforting feel of being at home, wherever that home may be. People loved it so much they’ve since taken their award-winning BBQ and memorable atmosphere to San Francisco and Philadelphia.

What is Baby Blues BBQ

about_02 What will you find when you walk into any Baby Blues BBQ? A music filled joint with the smell of great food and the friendliness of a party you never want to leave. The regionally inspired menu features all of our favorites — Memphis Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, a Texas-style Beef Brisket, and a North Carolina-style Pulled Pork that we slow-cook in Guinness beer, served with an array of housemade sauces that hail from our travels. We use the freshest produce and best ingredients in our award-winning fixins including our Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Collard Greens, and Blues on the Cob. From our delicious appetizers to our signature Banana Pudding, you’ll find the comfort foods you want paired with the atmosphere that embodies Southern hospitality.